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Join today – be part of the first European High Yield and Leveraged Finance Online Community. We want you to learn, question and share ideas and grow as a result. Build a network of passionate people about the asset class.


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What Does The Platform Offer?

Users can post their own high yield related blog content – ideas, analysis, commentary and trends.

Post content that showcases your talent, encourages debate and provokes thought.

The Forum is where you can ask and answer questions – create your own categories and hashtags be notified when people comment or answer.

Questions are encouraged – bond, issuer, covenants, modelling and analysis. The aim is to create a go to reource for High Yield  Practitioners over time.

A social media stream for the community. “Live” and meant for sharing quick thoughts, headlines, news, photos, websites, creating polls and surveys and even jokes.

Likes, comment, follows and direct messaging are all possible. Create user groups and invite members to join – these can be social or bring together people with as shared focus or interest.

This is a social media wall showing High Yield related newsflow and social media posts.

See your own tweets and those of others throughout the day along with headlines from mainstream media

A Link Library listing useful resources – external sites, service providers, research papers and blogs.

Add your own favourites and share what you think are best in class resources.

Keeping track of High Yield Reporting is easier said than done.

HY-Cal is a calendar that users can add events to – results, events, meet ups and conferences.

Users can add and subscribe to events. Import the calendar into your own mail box.

Coming Soon – Market summary showing High Yield Index Spreads and Prices, Historic charts and Top 5/ Bottom 5 performing bonds.

If you are a 3rd party Service provider we offer a free corporate account. Get your content in front of your target audience.

Interact with users – listen and see what they are discussing across the various channels.

In exchange we ask you post and share content with the community on a regular basis. Symbiosis. Innit.


On European High Yield Online Users are Anonymous. Choose your username and get started on your journey.

Anonymity allows people to express themselves freely.

Getting verified ensures that users are able to participate in the community responsibly

Once your ID has been verified you will be notified of approval.

This takes less than 24hrs

Log on using Secure 2Factor Authentication


Once Verified and Approved You can take part in Europe’s First Online Community for those involved in Leverage Finance